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Lodge Social News
Here you will find social information and other news for the lodge.

Do you remember Sunday afternoon BBQ’s at home? The Vienna Moose remembers them. We are going to be having Sunday afternoon BBQ’s all summer long at the lodge. So please, put this on your calendar, and if not, we will be posting them on Facebook!  We will start BBQing around 3:00 pm.  The menu will change week to week. This last weekend we had BBQed Chicken drumsticks and thighs, Greens, and blueberry cobbler! Wow, was Sandi’s blueberry cobbler good!

Come hungry and ready to eat and share a good time with good friends! See you this Sunday! This event is open to all members and qualified guests!  We would like to thank Sandi for managing this event!  Don't forget that we will have food and drink specials also during NASCAR races.

The Vienna Moose Lodge in Vienna, Virginia is hosting an outdoor Flea Market on Saturday, April 28 from 9 am to 2 pm with LIVE MUSIC by PG and Robin of THE ROCKITS!! Set-up will be 8 am to 9 am ONLY. Vendors and household items sellers can purchase their spots now for $25 ($28.45 if purchased On-Line). Each spot will measure approximately 17'x17' in a parking lot.

Sellers can put all goods, trailers or vehicles in the spot as long as it does not exceed 17'x17'. Additional free parking is also available outside the designated flea market area. ALL ITEMS, SUPPLIES, WASTE, EVERYTHING must be removed from the property by the vendor/seller at the end of the Flea Market. Nothing must be left on the property. Sales of weapons and hazardous materials is prohibited. Live music will be playing for part of the Flea Market and food will be available for purchase. Contact the Lodge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions. Rain or shine!

Get Eventbrite tickets here!

With all the self-affirmation memes and poetic scripts that seem to feature in so many posts on social media, evidence suggests we have certainly reached the age of proclamation. Throughout social media threads, scores of stories with moral attributes provide guided direction for becoming a great leader of influence. There are even online tests to determine one’s social style or leadership skill, which incidentally, leads one to wonder how some remain functional.

All kidding aside, it’s a noble feat to encourage others to contribute and lead by example. The notion serves as an attitude check and keeps the overall goal in focus. Just as a stone skipped across a still pond creates a ripple, actions in our daily lives have the same effect. The ripples created in the pond may span the width of water, moving reeds and debris both above and below the surface. You may not personally witness the change created by the effects of the stone, but trust that the movement occurred.

How many times have you been disgruntled, only to be challenged further by poor customer service or lack of consideration? The scenario can quickly become a snowball effect turning a volatile situation into insurmountable chaos – you know the old, “making a mountain out of a molehill” adage. However, just the opposite can prove true with a positive attitude and charitable heart. A sour situation can be resolved with just the right approach.

The effect does not end there, however. People watch, emulate and remember examples set by others. Think about those who have made an impact in your life, and the reactions you attribute to their leadership. Consider those same mannerisms setting the stage for generations to come, and the impact to those in witness. Ask yourself if you are you spreading attitude, or gratitude?

The founding principle of our Fraternity is compassion; the charitable heart to support family and community. That same principle should hold witness in our approach in and out of our fraternal interactions setting the example of our mission and providing testament to the success found in Mooseheart and Moosehaven. The ripple effect easily leads others to follow in example and becomes a movement to span generations to come. Much like the simple stone in the pond, positive leadership is more than a daily affirmation, it’s a commitment to make a change, both one you may witness and one you may not – with the same result: change.

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In case you might have missed it, on Sunday, February 4, 2018, Super Bowl LII was held and so was a Chili Cook-Off at our lodge.  Leading up to the Cook-Off there was lots of smack talk about who was going to make the best chili!  We had nine participants that cooked every type of chili from white turkey to mild beef and Chernobyl hot versions.  The voting was very close.  There were three tie votes, but in the end, Kent and Heather Caldwell won.

We have to say it was a fun afternoon of watching the Philadelphia Eagles win 41 to 33 against the New England Patriots with friends at the lodge.  We are already planning next year’s Super Bowl party!  Do you have a chili worthy of competing?  We hope you join us next year!

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