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Lodge Social News
Here you will find social information and other news for the lodge.

Lace up your running shoes and join us for the 16th Annual Vienna Turkey Trot 5K/10K and Fun Run on Sunday, November 19! This fantastic event, hosted by the James Madison High School Band, promises a day of fun, fitness, and giving back to the community. The best part? We need your help to make it a success.

About the Event: The Vienna Turkey Trot is a beloved tradition in the community. It's not just a race; it's a way to support the James Madison High School Band and the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department. Proceeds from the event benefit these two essential organizations.

We are looking for volunteers to support this wonderful event. Here's how you can get involved:

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Information/Volunteer Station (2-4 members): Assist guests, scan QR codes, and proudly represent our lodge banner.
  2. Water Station on Cottage Street (6-12 members, including middle and high schoolers): Keep our runners hydrated and motivated as they pass by.

The race kicks off at 8:00 am, so volunteers need to be in place around 7:00 am to 7:15 am. Shifts typically last for about 45 minutes after the race ends. We'll provide tables and chairs, but if you happen to have a propane heater, it would be greatly appreciated to keep our volunteers warm.

Your support means the world to us, and we couldn't make this event a success without your help. To sign up as a volunteer, please click on this signup link. Your time and effort will contribute to a memorable event that benefits the local community and showcases the spirit of giving this holiday season.

Let's make this year's Vienna Turkey Trot the best one yet by running, volunteering, and supporting a great cause! Thank you for your help and for being part of this wonderful community event.

The Vienna Moose Lodge is gearing up for its 3rd New Member Social of the year, and it promises to be an unforgettable evening of camaraderie and music. Join us on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, as we welcome new faces to our Moose family while enjoying the soulful tunes of music artist Keith Reals.

The evening's festivities kick off at 5:30 p.m., with activities and a chance to mingle with both new and seasoned members. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate our recent additions and get to know your fellow Moose Lodge community members.

As the night progresses, the main event starts around 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm when Keith Reals takes the stage. His music will set the tone for a memorable evening of connection and enjoyment.

For our seasoned members, this is your chance to extend a warm welcome to our new members and make them feel right at home in the Vienna Moose Lodge. Whether you're a fresh face or a long-standing member, we invite you to join us for an evening of music and community on December 6th. Let's make it a night to remember in the Social Quarters of the Vienna Moose Lodge.

If you're a fan of 80's hair metal bands and are searching for the perfect night out, you're in luck! The Vienna Moose has something exciting in store for you. On Saturday, November 18, 2023, starting at 7:00 pm, The Vienna Moose is hosting a live music event that will transport you back to the glory days of 80's hair metal. Get ready for a night of headbanging and nostalgia, as the renowned band "Lunatic Fringe" takes the stage. The event will be held in the spacious Event Hall, and it's an evening you won't want to miss. So, mark your calendars, because this event is open to all members and qualified guests.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Lunatic Fringe

Lunatic Fringe is a band that needs no introduction to true fans of 80's rock and hair metal. With their iconic hits and electrifying performances, they've captured the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world. This is your chance to witness their raw energy and passion live on stage, right here at The Vienna Moose.

Expect to be transported back in time as they play some of their greatest hits, including "Sabbath " and "Halestorm." The band's powerful vocals, scorching guitar solos, and charismatic stage presence will make you feel like you're back in the golden era of rock 'n' roll. If you've ever yearned for the days when spandex, leather jackets, and big hair ruled the music scene, this event is tailor-made for you.

The Venue: Vienna Moose Event Hall

The event will take place in the spacious and accommodating Vienna Moose Event Hall, which is well-known for hosting memorable gatherings and providing a fantastic atmosphere for live entertainment. With state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, you can expect nothing less than a top-tier audio and visual experience. The Vienna Moose is committed to ensuring that your night is not only nostalgic but also comfortable and enjoyable.

Mark Your Calendar

It's not every day that you get the chance to relive the glory days of 80's hair metal. So, make sure to save the date, Saturday, November 18, 2023, starting at 7:00 pm. Whether you're a long-time fan of Lunatic Fringe or simply looking for a night of great music and good company, this event is open to all Vienna Moose members and qualified guests.

When creativity meets camaraderie, the result is a fantastic event, and that's precisely what happened at the Vienna Moose Lodge. In a vibrant celebration of art and community, the lodge hosted a "Paint and Sip" event, where members gathered to unwind, sip on their favorite beverages, and let their artistic spirits soar.

With 21 enthusiastic members signing up, the stage was set for an evening of laughter, fun, and creative exploration. The atmosphere in the lodge was brimming with excitement, as artists of all levels came together to paint their interpretations of a moose in the world on canvas.

The beauty of such events lies not only in the final artwork but also in the process itself. As brushes danced across canvases, a symphony of colors and ideas unfolded. Whether it was the stroke of a brush creating a serene landscape or the careful detailing of a vibrant still life, each member's creation was a unique expression of their artistic self.

The support from fellow members in the Social Quarters added an extra layer of warmth to the event. Laughter and cheers filled the air as participants shared their progress and encouraged each other in their creative endeavors. It was a beautiful example of the close-knit community that the Vienna Moose Lodge is known for.

The "Paint and Sip" event was not just about the art; it was about coming together, having a great time, and creating lasting memories. The success of this gathering has left everyone eager for more. So, what's next? Well, there's good news on that front.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Steve Grosz, who orchestrated this wonderful evening, there's a strong possibility that we'll be seeing more "Paint and Sip" events in the near future. Steve's efforts in putting this event together didn't go unnoticed, and the entire community is grateful for the opportunity to come together in such a creative and enjoyable way.

As the canvas of the evening filled with strokes of color, laughter, and shared moments, the Vienna Moose Lodge proved once again that it's not just a place; it's a community that celebrates togetherness, art, and the joy of making memories. Stay tuned for more exciting events on the horizon, and let's continue to paint the town with creativity and friendship!

The holiday season is upon us, and it's time to spread some Christmas cheer! Join us at the Vienna Moose Lodge on Saturday, December 9, from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. for a Christmas party you won't want to miss.

We've decked the halls, hung the mistletoe, and put up the twinkling lights to create the perfect holiday ambiance. Our live music, featuring a Classic Rock Band playing 1990s Era Entertainment, kicks off at 7:00 PM. Their fantastic tunes from the 1990s are sure to have you dancing the night away.

Whether you're in the mood for classic Christmas carols, a bit of rock 'n' roll, or some nostalgic 1990s hits, this band has got you covered. They'll be sure to keep the energy high and the dance floor packed.

In the spirit of the season, we encourage you to wear your most festive holiday attire. Ugly Christmas sweaters, Santa hats, and reindeer antlers are all welcome!

This Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit, connect with friends and family, and make memories that will last a lifetime. So, save the date, mark your calendar, and make sure you're at the Vienna Moose Lodge on December 9 for an unforgettable evening of holiday joy.

Let's make this Christmas season one to remember - join us for the most festive celebration in town!  This event is for members and qualified guests.

Get ready to plunge headfirst into an evening of unbridled talent, unexpected thrills, and all-around fun at our very first Open Mic Night! It's all happening on Friday, November 10, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. This event is like a joyous celebration of diverse talents, where performers and the audience unite to savor live music, possible poetry, and so much more. But what really sets it apart is the chance to spread the joy - just bring along some canned goods to support local families in need. So, come on down to the Vienna Moose, and let's make this night of creativity, camaraderie, and philanthropy an absolute blast!

Bruce Drinking from his Trophy!The Vienna Moose Lodge hosted its annual Chili Cook-Off on a crisp and sunny Sunday, October 22. With an impressive array of chili entries, the event was nothing short of a spicy extravaganza. In this article, we'll provide a detailed account of the cook-off, from the contestants to the winning recipes, and the sense of community that made it a memorable day for chili and football enthusiasts alike.

The Competitors

The Chili Cook-Off drew in a diverse and passionate group of contestants, each eager to showcase their culinary prowess. The savory aroma of simmering chili wafted through the air as attendees eagerly awaited the judging. Here's a glimpse at some of the top contenders:

Bruce Chappell - The Champion (shown drinking from his trophy)

Taking the coveted first place, Bruce Chappell's chili was nothing short of legendary. His secret recipe, handed down through generations (so to speak), combined the perfect blend of spices and meats. The result was a chili that tantalized taste buds and left judges craving for more.

Chris Hurt - A Strong Runner-Up

Chris Hurt's chili wasn't far behind, securing second place in the competition. His unique twist on the classic chili recipe, incorporating smoky flavors and a hint of sweetness, proved to be a crowd-pleaser. It was a close contest, with Chris showcasing his culinary expertise.

Alex Atsaves - The Third-Place Triumph

In the third spot, we had Alex Atsaves, whose chili delighted judges with its distinct twist. His recipe featured an array of exotic spices and an unexpected fusion of ingredients, making it a memorable contender in the competition.

The Vienna Moose Lodge was bustling with energy, not just from the simmering pots of chili but also from the incredible sense of community. The event wouldn't have been the same without the support of everyone who participated and those who generously shared their chili creations. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the contestants and members who brought their delectable chili to the table.

The chili cook-off wasn't just about the culinary delights; it was also a day to celebrate another great American pastime - football. With the cook-off happening on a sunny Sunday, attendees could enjoy the chili and then gather to watch their favorite teams on the big screen. It was a double dose of enjoyment, satisfying both the palate and the passion for sports.

In Conclusion

The Vienna Moose Lodge's Chili Cook-Off was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication of the contestants, the warm spirit of the community, and the thrill of watching football together. Bruce Chappell, Chris Hurt, and Alex Atsaves gave their best in the competition, creating a delightful array of chili flavors that left attendees craving for more.

As we celebrate this culinary triumph, we can't help but reflect on the significance of community events like this. They bring us together, providing not only a platform for showcasing culinary skills but also an opportunity to connect and share memorable experiences.

In closing, we express our gratitude to all those who made this event possible. Your contributions and passion for chili and football made the Vienna Moose Lodge's Chili Cook-Off a truly memorable occasion.

On October 7, 2023, the Town of Vienna eagerly welcomed the return of its annual Oktoberfest celebration. This beloved event, organized by the Vienna Business Association (VBA), brought together the community for a day filled with food, live music, family-friendly activities, and, of course, an abundance of brews at the beer and wine garden. The Vienna Moose Lodge #1896 and its dedicated volunteers played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this lively gathering, which not only showcased the town's rich cultural traditions but also highlighted the Moose Lodge's significant contributions to the community.

The volunteers who brought the spirit of Oktoberfest to life included passionate individuals like Keith Rich, Heather Reis-Platter, Bruce Platter, Todd Nelson, Roger Chang, Emily Miller, Kurt Kohls, Chris Oskuie, Angela Sorrell, Bill Foote, Andy Carson, Allie Bell, Jill Ciccone, Bill Page, Kristen & Brett Wilson, John Dearing, Susan Dozier, Mark Lowes, Charlie Romano, Nancy Maiwand, and more. Their dedication and enthusiasm added to the vibrant atmosphere, ensuring that the spirit of Oktoberfest was alive and well in Vienna.

Vienna Oktoberfest graced Church Street for the 14th consecutive year, offering a full day of festivities from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This event served as a testament to the town's thriving culture and its commitment to celebrating community spirit. With over 200 registered vendors and 53 sponsors, this year's festival was the biggest yet. The overwhelming response from local businesses and sponsors indicated the event's growing significance.

The beer and wine garden, a central attraction at Oktoberfest, featured an impressive lineup of local businesses. In addition to Vienna's long-standing favorites like Caboose Brewing Company and Vienna Vintner, new additions like Hawk & Griffin and Norm's Beer and Wine joined the festivities, further diversifying the selection of food and drink options along Church Street and Mill Street NE.

Oktoberfest is more than just a festival; it's a celebration of unity, culture, and collaboration. Vienna's tradition of Oktoberfest grows stronger with each passing year, and the 2023 edition was a testament to the town's vibrant spirit and its dedication to fostering a sense of togetherness.

The Vienna Moose Lodge #1896 and all the dedicated volunteers played a pivotal role in ensuring that this year's Oktoberfest was a resounding success. Their contributions, alongside the support of the Vienna Business Association and the broader community, made the event an unforgettable experience for all. As we look ahead to future Oktoberfests in Vienna, it's evident that this annual celebration will continue to be a testament to the unity, culture, and heart of the town. Prost!

Celebrating Excellence in Community Service: Robyn Oskuie Named Moose Of the Year 2023

In a world where acts of kindness often go unnoticed, it's essential to take a moment to shine a spotlight on those who exemplify the true spirit of volunteerism and community service. Today, we proudly honor and celebrate Robyn Oskuie as our esteemed Moose Of the Year for 2023.

Robyn Oskuie's remarkable journey is a testament to the incredible impact one person can have on a community when they dedicate their time, energy, and heart to a cause greater than themselves. Her unwavering commitment to making a difference has left an indelible mark on the Vienna Moose Lodge and beyond.

Robyn's role as the banquet hall coordinator is more than just a title; her help has transformed countless lives. Her dedication to ensuring that every event at the Vienna Moose Lodge runs smoothly and is memorable is truly commendable. She has a remarkable talent for turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences, and her attention to detail is second to none.

But Robyn's contributions extend far beyond her role. She is a guiding light for all those who aspire to serve their community. Her selflessness, humility, and tireless efforts serve as an inspiration to those around her. Whether it's organizing charity events, lending a helping hand to those in need, or simply brightening someone's day with her infectious positivity, Robyn embodies the essence of volunteerism.

In a world where we often celebrate the achievements of celebrities and public figures, it is crucial to recognize individuals like Robyn Oskuie, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, making a profound impact without seeking recognition. She reminds us that the true measure of success is not in personal accolades but in the lives we touch and the positive change we bring to our communities.

Robyn, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the Vienna Moose Lodge. We hope your selfless service creates a ripple effect of goodwill and inspiration that will continue to resonate within our community for years to come.

As we celebrate Robyn Oskuie as our Moose Of the Year 2023, let us also take this opportunity to reflect on the power of volunteerism and the importance of giving back to our communities. It is through individuals like Robyn that we are reminded of the extraordinary impact we can have when we come together for the greater good. Congratulations, Robyn, and thank you for being a shining example of the best in all of us.

As autumn leaves fall and the crisp breeze of October fills the air, the Vienna Moose Lodge is all set to enchant you with a line-up of exciting events that will warm your heart and lift your spirits. From live music to chili cook-offs and community service, there's something for everyone to look forward to. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for you:

Saturday, October 21: Guitars under the Stars - featuring Cecilia and Maiden Time: 7 pm - 9 pm Back by popular demand, join us for an evening of acoustic music under the stars with Cecilia and Maiden. Warm up by our cozy fire pit, bask in the glow, and enjoy your favorite beverage. In case of inclement weather, the show will be held inside the SQ. BYOC (bring your own chair).

Sunday, October 22: Chili Cookoff & Gridiron Clash Time: 12 pm - 5 pm in the SQ Spice up your game day! Come and savor the fiercest chili recipes from your fellow Moose Members, while catching the intense face-off between the Washington Commanders and the New York Giants! Taste and vote for your favorite chili while watching on all our screens.

Thursday, October 25: Paint-n-Sip Fall Edition Time: TBD

Sunday, October 29: Trunk or Treat Time: TBD

Friday, November 10: Unleash Your Talent: Open Mic Night in the SQ Time: 7 pm - 10 pm Dive into a night of raw talent, unexpected surprises, and a whole lot of fun! Whether you're a budding artist or just want to enjoy a great show, our first-ever Open Mic Night is not only about entertainment but also giving back -- Bring a Can, Make a Difference! Bring along canned goods and let's turn melodies into meals to help support local families in need.

Friday, November 17: Guitars Under the Stars: Thanksgiving Edition (Artist TBD) Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Saturday, November 18: Live Music Event (Band TBD) Time: 7 pm - 10 pm, in the Event Hall Save the date ...

Saturday, December 9: Vienna Moose Lodge Annual Holiday Party Featuring live music by Nick and the Razors Time: 6 pm - 11 pm (band starts at 7 pm) Location: Event Hall Deck the halls and jingle all the way to the most awaited festive gathering of the year! Let’s light up the season with joy, laughter, and celebrate the incredible growth we've experienced this past year at the Vienna Moose Lodge. So, mark your calendars, prepare your festive attire, and join us for an evening that promises great music, fun, and festive flair!

Each event is a chance to embrace the warmth of community, create lasting memories, and give back to those in need. So, gather your friends and family, and let's make these upcoming Vienna Moose Lodge events the highlight of your fall and winter seasons. We can't wait to see you there!

March and April 2023!!

We have Bunco this Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

Not sure what it is?  Check out the link below for more info.

Also don't forget the reading of the board nominees will be at our April 6th general meeting.

The election will be the April 20th general meeting.

 March 17th we are having our annual St. Patrick's Day part (on actual St. Patrick's day and it's a FRIDAY!!)  Oh BOY!! We open at  5pm.

Beer Specials from 5pm to 6pm (extra beer when ordering a bucket).  FAMILIES ARE WELCOMED and ENCOURAGED!!

We will also be giving out St. Patrick's Day knick-knacks for kids and kids at heart until we run out.


GS Cookies will also be sold from 5pm-7pm...last chance before they are gone until next year!!


Dancers from The Maple Academy of Irish Dance will be performing at 7pm and lead a quick dance class afterwards.  This was super fun and popular last year.

Rustic Love will also be there selling their wares!!

$17 for corned beer, cabbage, and soda bread

$17 for Guinness Stew

$17 Vegan Irish Bean and Cabbage Stew

We also need help, so place sign up via the signup genius below to volunteer. 



I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far!

We have our first musical act of the year at the Vienna Moose this Friday, January 20, 2023, from 7pm to 10pm in the SOCIAL QUARTERS.

If you haven't heard him before, he's great.  The event will have a nice intimate atmosphere in the SQ just like last time.  

There is NO food for sale still at the Moose, so feel free to bring in take out food.  Of course, beer and other beverages are still for sale!!

So come on down this Friday for drinks and music...and food, if you bring your own. :)

Also, Cornhole will still be held in the banquet hall Friday.  Warm ups at 6:30pm, bags fly at 7pm.

Check out his FB page too if you want more info about him.

 Also due to the convention, there will be NO general or board meetings this week (1/19/2023).  Thanks.

Hey everyone,

The lodge is going to be open tomorrow night for a New Year celebration.  The doors open at 6:00 pm and we close at 2:00 am.  Earl is cooking up some finger foods for everyone's enjoyment.  So come on down if you don't have any scheduled plans yet and enjoy time with friends and other Moose family!

Important Notice: Due to illness, work, and injury tonight's board and general membership meeting has been canceled. We are sorry for the late notice.

Some Upcoming Events for August/September.

Watch for updates and details in Moose eBlasts!


Friday, Aug 11 - Acoustic Music in the Pavilion!  7:00p-9:00p!

You can never have too much live music ... mark your calendars and join us for an evening with The Wildwood Ramblers: Pure, unadulterated Americana, straight from the heart of Vienna. Featuring former members of the legendary Vienna band NRJ, this is one show you won't want to miss. #liveandlocal #FullHouseFrenzy

Saturday, Aug 26 - Pig Roast

Saturday, Aug 26 - Fantasy Football draft


Sept 8/9 - Band at the Pavilion

Wednesday, Sept 13 - 5:30p-7:00p - New Member Celebration/Orientation - SQ


Saturday, Sept 23 - Oktoberfest - Side Effects band

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